Dr. Sodyq Safoev

Dr. Sodyq Safoev First deputy Chairman, Republic of Uzbekistan




Ambassador Safaev graduated the Economic Department of Tashkent University in 1976 and in 1984 he completed his doctoral work on problems of labor productivity in industry. He taught economics at Tashkent University until 1990 when he was invited as a visiting scholar to the Harvard University Institute for International Development (HIID), where he studied modern methods of economic analysis.

On his return, Sodyq Safaev worked in different governmental agencies dealing with foreign policy and international economic relations. In 1993 he was named Ambassador to Germany. During this assignment, he also represented Uzbekistan in the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Austria, and the Netherlands as well. In February of 1996 he was appointed the Counselor of State to the President of Uzbekistan and in September of the same year Sodyq Safaev was named Ambassador to the United States of America and to Canada.

In May of 2001 he became a first deputy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. In March of 2003 he was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs and served in this position until 2005 when he became the Senator and was elected the Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee. During 2005 he also served as a Rector of University of Diplomacy and World Economy.

From December 2016, Dr.Safaev serves as the First Deputy Chairman of the Senate of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

S. Safaev has a numerous publications on issues of economy, security and international relations.